Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 77

Hey hey hey from the LBC!
We basically had a week with about 10 years amount of rain that came down in 3 days. It was really interesting this week to work as our streets turned to rivers and lakes formed at intersections. Then Surf City (Huntington Beach) turned into twister city and Long Beach turned into a shower. Basically the Lord had to wash this place with water before he cleanses it with fire. That is my belief or he is softening the ground for a big earthquake so it can break into the ocean.

Well sad but great news.... the baptism we were going to have is not going to happen this Sunday. But the only reason is because he said he wants his family to learn and go to church. He does not want to do it alone. So of course we said "ya who else do you know" and we should be teaching more people of his. His name is David Grajera, he speaks spanish and is way humble and nice. We love teaching him because we do a good lesson on the Gospel and then teach English and eat real Mexican food. It is funny because Elder Black doesnt like chile peppers and so we always have to tell him to eat more so he can speak spanish better.

Other great news is that some families in old areas that i had taught and found are slowly but surely getting baptized as time goes on. It is great to see that because it helps me realize some promises in my patriarchal blessing are coming true. Also i dont know if i told you but i am doing translation for Sacrament Meeting now...... let me tell you that is super hard when you got a Polynesian, a 13 year old white girl, and they all speak english either super machine gun like or super mumbly and hard to understand. Half the time i just make it up and keep to the theme of the talk. But ya pray because I always just laugh with all the latinos that just know what im tyring to say and what the speaker is really saying and so we just laugh it off.

Have a good week love you all.

Elder Jimmie G Watkins

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 76

Feliz dia de Martin Luter KING!!!   How were the festivities and whatever else happens on that day?   Well we have had some great things going on besides every single week we have been skunked with no one attending church with us. Here are some pics sorry not much more time to write.

So here they are
1) Me in my suit with my new tie

2) Me at 6:35 am getting ready to go run/ hopefulluy make it back to the apartment

3) eating helote!!! corn on the cob with mayonaise, butter, chile powder, and lemon

Love you all!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another reason I love The Prophet Joseph Smith!

Week 75

Dear Family,
Life has been good in the hood for the past week. We have 3 baptismal dates right now and hoping for 5 more this week. Last night we had a great lesson with David and we taught the Plan of Salvation which he enjoyed a lot. It was really something to see last night because Elder Black still is struggling on the Spanish part and he was able to give a great and simple explanation on the Atonement and Pre-Mortal Life. Even though things were not said the way they exactly should have been, the Holy Ghost carried the message of the love and truth. We keep on telling Elder Black that he need to eat more chiles and then his Spanish will progress at a speed that he won't even understand himself he will be speaking so well. But he says he is too gringo for that so he wont.

Yesterday we were knocking doors in the early afternoon and as were knocking we found nothing but Cambodian people and we also found out that the Cambodian Elders had just knocked that street and no body wanted to talk to us, like normal but little bit more like "what are you doing here, we just talked to you?" So, we left and as we were walking back to the bikes and there was a jolly older looking Mexican man getting into his car in front of a house that we just knocked and no one was there but now he was. So I stopped and talked to him and shorter long story made shorter.... he invited us to sit with him in the backyard and taught him the Restoration. So we did and he liked it and now has a baptismal date for the 30th this month. That is just a little example of what I have been missing for the past year while not being the barrio and how life is going on these days here. I hope all is going good for everyone and I pray that God be with you.
Elder Jimmie G Watkins

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 74

Dear Family,

Life is going great now that my prayers have been answered and I have returned to Long Beach.  So far we have met and seen people that I remember and met before.  Yesterday we met the Arias Family... a very dear and close family that I had taught and got to teach everything but did not get to see baptized.  But I now get to see them get prepared for baptism and are now teaching their friends the Gospel and just committed someone and soon his family to the 30 January for baptism.  It is fun because I have to do most of the talking in Spanish b/c my comp does not try because he just does not want to screw it up.  But I am helping him along. 

It is amazing to be able to do what I have done and see different areas of the mission and see all types of worlds. The richest of the riches and the the most poor of the poor.  Right now I have a ward and area that covers both of those worlds and is interesting to see what people are motivated by and what they want in life and what they do to achieve what they want. The man we committed is truly searching for truth and wants to know if God really  is there and if He can help his family. His name is David (DA-veed) and I pray that my knowledge of our Heavenly Father and our Savior will guide him and influence him to be baptized.

Thank you all and i love you all and hope everything is going great at the start of the new year. Speaking of that Do not ever go to Long Beach for New Year's. Unless you are packing some kind of explosive of firearm. :)

I love you and see you next week.

Love Elder Jimmie G Watkins

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Week 73

Dear Family,

I have something amazing to report.... I am in my greenie area!!!! Long Beach 1st Ward!!!! I am way excited to be here. If you want to send letters you can send it to my new address 1875 Cedar Ave #1 Long Beach Ca 90806 Sorry I have no time I will have great stories next week I love you all have a good one.

Elder Jimmie G Watkins